Ayurvedic Brahmi powder: Brahmi Churan 100gm


  • Brahmi Churan Contains powerful antioxidants helps in reducing inflammation, boosts brain function, helps reduce ADHD symptoms, prevent anxiety and stress, help lower blood pressure levels, have anticancer properties.

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Memory and retaining memory strength is what every human being wants to perform well in studies, and people with excellent learning strength stand high not just in studies but also in the social status, but this power with age goes in decreasing due to various reasons such as hectic lifestyle, overeating of junk food, etc. but what if the memory starts getting sharper instead of getting dull wouldn’t that be a great thing to ever happened to anyone and Man trust Pharma’s Brahmi churan does exactly that, it provides not just the strength to the brain to boosts memory retaining power but also makes the person free from various other illness and due to the use of only natural herbs this product is free from any side effects that those chemical infused medicines provide to the person.

Benefits of Brahmi churan:

  • Man trust Pharma’s Brahmi churan helps in enhancing the hippocampus part of the brain, which is primary in boosting memory, intelligence, and concentration.
  • Brahmi Churan is also helpful in throwing out the oxidants or free radicals from the body, working as an anti-oxidant.
  • Those who are suffering from anxiety and stress will get relieved from these issues with the help of this herbal Brahmi churan.
  • For old aged people, it is an astonishing medicine that can boost their memory power and protect them from getting Alzheimer disease.
  • This herbal Brahmi churan helps in getting a sound sleep which would rejuvenate the power to do the essential works of daily life.
  • It proves to be a wound healer; if you have suffered an injury recently, then this is the best herbal wound healer you can look up to.
  • For those who are suffering from epilepsy or find it difficult to retain what they have learned, then this memory booster Brahmi churan is for you.


The Health Benefits of the Brahmi churan are numerous, and the mentioned benefits are some of the most important ones that this Brahmi churan gives to the person.

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