Ayurvedic cough Syrup: Koffnit cough syrup 200ml


This medication is used to relieve coughs caused by the common cold, bronchitis, and other breathing illnesses and helps in getting relief from various throat and breathing related issues.

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Koffnit is the best cough syrup for adults and children as it doesn’t only provide relief from the cough but also soothes the throat of a human. With the arrival of the winter season in India, especially in north India, people suffer from cough and throat related problems, and to get rid of that, various medicines are available at the pharmaceutical shops, but most of them are infused with chemicals or in the category of allopathic medicines which can cause some kind of side-effects and people with higher sensitivity towards chemical would get affected if they consume these types of cough syrups that’s why Mantrust pharma has made an ayurvedic cough syrup with the power of various natural herbs that blended together to make a powerful formula which can wipe off the cough from the body like a pro.

Benefits of Kaffonit cough syrup:

Here are some of the benefits that it can provide to the person who is consuming it.

  • This ayurvedic cough syrup has several throat healing properties that would provide relief to your soaring throat.
  • Koffnit syrup is the best medicine for curing cough and cold among children as their bodies are more sensitive, it is best to provide them non-harmful ayurvedic cough syrup.
  • Using herbs like Tulsi leaves in our ayurvedic cough syrup makes this tonic a killer of throat-related issues.
  • As Koffnit is a herbal blend, the chances of getting any side effects on the body are minimal besides that the person who is consuming this tonic could get relief in tonsils.

The benefits that I mentioned here are the ones that you will get immediately after consuming Koffnit. You can be on the list of those people who have taken benefit out of this ayurvedic cough syrup by ordering this product online and seeing its real effectiveness after taking this medicine at scheduled intervals. We have Cash-on- delivery facility for our customers, or you can also pay the amount via online payment methods. We accept valid credit and debit cards, and we will deliver your ordered product to your doorstep.



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