Livonit Ds (liver) syrup 200 ml


  • Swelling (inflammation) of the liver is caused by the hepatitis C virus (hepatitis C).
  • Improving liver function.
  • Preventing liver damage.
  • Treating liver diseases.
  • Treating allergies.
  • Improving muscle development.
  • Improving strength and physical endurance.

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Livonit DS 200ml, the best ayurvedic liver tonic that can provide relief in various liver issues such as hepatitis, swelling of the liver, fatty liver, Hepatoxicity, and appetite issues. This is the best liver care syrup that is available in India as the power of Ayurveda is being utilized to make this liver syrup a one-shot killer to your liver-related problems. But why Livonit is the best ayurvedic liver syrup? Here are some key points to note:

· The old age and the most effective Ayurveda method is used here to make this syrup that will sweep away the diseases easily.
· No side effects factor make this liver syrup a worth trying thing to eliminate the liver problems.
· Liver is the most powerful organ and the only thing it needs a little nudge to increase its effectiveness and that’s what this ayurvedic liver tonic does.
· Appetite issues because of swelling or fatty liver are cured by the enzyme-driven property of this ayurvedic tonic.

Nowadays with the usage of chemicals, even the medicines are creating toxins in the body which were actually meant to throw them out but with Livotin DS you can rest assured about not getting exposed to the chemicals which are harmful to the body as we made this liver syrup with the ancient method of using natural herbs to make medicines and there would be no chances of ingesting any harmful chemical inside your body above all because of the usage of herbs and plants power this syrup is completely vegan.

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