Kabz( constipation) relief medicine: Anyach (Kabz) Churan 100gm


Anyach Kabz Churan Regularizes the digestive system, assures the smooth evacuation of faeces without disturbing the fluid and electrolyte balance. Indication: Irregular bowel movement, difficulty in passing stools, the incomplete or infrequent passage of stools.

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Constipation is a common problem which is caused once the strength of your digestive organs starts reducing the effectivity of your stomach or intestine to digest the food properly due to which the problem of acidity, gas, and bloating becomes a part of the life for the people who are suffering from constipation and for curing that they seek out for pharmaceutical products that can provide relief to them and the allopathic medicines provide relief, but at the cost of harming the other vital organs or by showing side effects that’s why they need some medicine that could provide relief without giving side effects and Man trust Pharma made Anyach Churan exactly for that purpose as it is in the powdered form it is easy to consume, and there would be no side effects at all as it is a 100% vegan product which is made out using the science of Ayurveda.

Benefits of constipation reliever Anyach churan:

  • This Anyach Churan helps in making the stool softer by increasing the water content in that so that the stool can be flush out faster and in an easy way from the body.
  • This herbal kabz or constipation churan makes the passage easier for the stool by moisturizing the intestinal walls.
  • The frequency of your bowel movements would increase after using this kabz churan, helping the colon retain more water.
  • Herbal Anyach churan helps in pushing the fluid in the rectum so that the stool can move easily from the digestive area.
  • Lack of fiber causes problem indigestion, and this kabz relief churan helps in maintaining the level of fiber in the body.
  • This Anyach churan helps in clearing the bowel so that the old toxins that were there could be eliminated from the body.

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